Lifetime Warranted Cutlery

Large Chef's Knife: For chopping, dicing, and cubing larger portions of meat and vegetables.
Carving Knife: Perfect for carving turkeys, chickens and bone-in roasts.
Bread Knife: Knife of choice for hard crusted bread and thick-skinned fruits.
Ham Slicer: Ideal for thin slices of ham and boneless cuts of meat.
Boning Knife: Separates cooked and uncooked meat from bones.
Small Chef's Knife: Minces and dices onions, garlic, parsley, etc.
Utility Knife: Great for fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and sandwiches.
Paring Knife: For peeling, paring, and garnishing fruits and vegetables.
Steak Knife: Fine table knives equally appropriate for ham, pork chops, and poultry.
Carving Fork: Braces turkeys, roasts, and hams in place for carving and slicing.
Sharpening Steel: Maintenance tool designed to align and maintain the edge of your knives.
Poly-Stahl™ Block: Stores your Messerstahl® knives safely and hygienically.

Six Great Reasons to Choose Messerstahl®

Forged Not Stamped: Messerstahl® knives are hand-forged for superior strength and lifetime durability... Not stamped out of thin sheets of steel like most knives.
Highest Quality Steel: Messerstahl® blades are crafted from French high-carbon surgical stainless steel with titanium. This special alloy steel is famous throughout the world for it's strength and sharpness.
Full Tang Construction: Messerstahl® blades extend the full length of the handle, a hallmark of quality construction that provides for comfort in use through precise balance. Messerstahl® handles are molded to the blade resulting in a seamless and hygienic fit and finish.
Textra-Grip™ Handles: Messerstahl® handles feature the patented Textra-Grip, a slip resistant finish that actually improves the user's grip when wet unlike laminated wood or composite handles.
Innovative Storage Block: The The clear, durable Poly-Stahl™ knife block's modern design is compatible with any kitchen décor. Unlike wood, Poly-Stahl™ does not act as a breeding ground for bacteria. Washable in warm, soapy water, it's the most sanitary way available to store knives.
Pride of Craftsmanship: Most knives can be assembled in hours. Every Messerstahl® knife takes two months to make and requires over fifty hand done operations.
Messerstahl® is a trademark by Lake Industries.

6 Piece Steak Knife Set: Contains 6 Messerstahl®
Steak Knives. Also available in 4 and 8 piece sets.

5 Piece Gourmet Set: Contains Large Chef's
Knife, Carving Knife, Bread Knife, Boning Knife,
and Paring Knife. Not Shown: 3 Piece Kitchen
Set includes Chef's Knife, Boning Knife and Paring Knife.